Favorite Favorites (Jan 9th)


  • I honestly do not get why people are upset with Sia’s music video for Elastic Heart. From the minute the video started, I was in love with it. I didn’t exactly know the meaning behind it but I knew it had to be something personal to Sia. But maybe it’s because I don’t have my head so far up my ass that I can see that it isn’t sexualized in any matter. Even though I quit dancing when I was 8, I’ve kept up with it. I know that most always there’s some personal meaning behind every dance. So maybe before you all jump to conclusions, take a moment and find out the meaning. This video is Sia showing the struggle she’s gone through with her father. Her father has multiple personality disorder. So in this video, Shia is playing Sia’s father and Maddie is Sia. That’s it. A struggle between Sia and her father’s mental illness. I love that Sia chose Shia to be in her video. Because I think Shia is talented but doesn’t always make the wisest of choices. Sia is simply fantastic and I wish everyone would stop jumping down the gun.


  • Incase you haven’t heard the news yet, but this week word was released that Ruby Rose will be joining the cast of Orange is the New Black for Season Three. Every lesbian is either freaking out in excitement or totally pissed because they think we’re ignoring the other queer women on the show. Nobody can just be happy with anything, there’s always a negative Nancy. I’m just excited because I haven’t seen Ruby in anything yet. I have so many interests in television and movies and music that I can’t keep up with it all. I cannot wait for season three, not just because of Ruby, but that is one of my favorite shows. I love all those ladies.


  • I actually finished reading a book. I love books and bookstores but I never seem to have the attention span to read a whole book. I’m not saying I’ve never read a book. Back during my junior year of high school, I would read during class (sometimes). But anyway, the book I finished reading was The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. It feels weird to read a book that is for middle schoolers but my best friend told me to read it. So I did and I loved it. Even though it’s a book of fiction, I loved reading about Greek Gods. Even if all it was was brushing up on little facts. I will say that it is such a shame that they didn’t even read the book before making the movie. I mean they left SO much out. All can say is Logan Lerman did a good job in the movie. It sucks that they ruined that movie. But I’m still going to read the next book and then watch the next movie. Chantelle said that they get like 8% better in the next movie. I gave the book five out of five stars on Goodreads. Which you can follow me on by clicking this link here.


  • I’m trying to be happier in 2015 because I’m sick of being a miserable mess all the time. So I’ve decided every week to leave you all with a positive message. Don’t worry, I’m not going to become one of those annoying positive people all the time. Just wanna leave a little thing. Whether it’s a quote, video, photo, ect. I found this on tumblr…