My Favorite – Day 6 of 365

Day Six – “What’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from your favorite person? Tell us about it.”

Well my favorite person is my mom. The second would be Chantelle but I’ve never met her in person. The most I’ve ever spent away from my mom would be when I went to Girl Scout camp for two weeks. I remember I was miserable all the time (mostly because I was away from my mom). Pretty much any week you could choose from was a themed week. When I was going through the brochure that winter/spring I saw that for those two weeks in August was a Harry Potter theme. I had to go. I think I had gone twice to that camp that summer. Once in June for one week (I forget what theme that was) and once in August for two weeks. So that summer I was away from my mom in total three weeks. I’m still surprised that I had gone back to that camp seeing as how I had gone there for one week the summer prior. And I remember that was the one week in my life I was absolutely miserable for like two days and then found a best friend and we were miserable together for the rest. It’s strange to think about that best friend. I don’t even remember her name but I remember what she looks like and what town she had lived in at the time. I wish I had stayed in touch with all the girls I had gone to camp with those two summers. I wish I could be a counselor there but it closed down a few years ago because so many stopped going. That damn technology made every kid, preteen and teenager stay indoors. Granted I’m not an outdoorsy kind of girl but I did like that camp. I wish I had cherished it more.

I’ll never forget that camp. Especially those two weeks in August. We got sorted into houses and they put my into Hufflepuff. Which I hated because back then everyone wanted to be in Gryffindor and it wasn’t cool to be put into Hufflepuff. But little did those counselors know, they had some serious power. Because I am a Hufflepuff. I don’t think they knew anything about me (they sorted us on the first night there) but somehow they knew I was born a Hufflepuff. Sorry not sorry for nerding out there. The other thing I’ll never forget that happened while I was away at camp…my mom split her head open by somehow tripping and hitting her head on I think my dad’s nightstand. Which I still don’t know how she accomplished that. I remember when she told me what happened, my response was “I just cannot leave the house for two weeks without you hurting yourself!”

Can I just go back in time and go back to that camp? And go back with the knowledge that I’ll be okay being away from my mom and to just have fun.

Okay so I just realized that when I went to college was the longest time I’ve been away from my mom but talking about sleep away camp was more fun to talk about. College is a longer discussion for a later time. And I went home like every two weeks so it’s the same time I was away from my mom as sleep away camp was. And I could talk to my mom while I was at college. All I could do is write my mom letters while I was at camp.


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