Best of 2014

Yep that’s right. I’m doing my own “best of” lists. Mainly because the popular lists never have what I love in them. Hopefully if all goes well, I’ll be doing more lists like this. Well “top 10” lists that is. (Please check them all out. I know it’s a long length of lists but there is some really good stuff in here!)

Best Movies of 2014 (in order of my honest opinion)


Movies in 2014 I Wish I Had Seen


Best New TV Shows of 2014


I would just like to say, I’m still upset that Chelsea Handler and Craig Ferguson both ended their late night shows this year. I miss you both on my tv every night. But I’m excited for what James Corden is going to bring to The Late, Late Show!

Best Songs of 2014

1. The Hanging Tree – Jennifer Lawrence

AND NOT THE RADIO EDIT. THAT IS THE MOST HORRIBLE THING MY EARS HAVE EVER HAD TO SUFFER THROUGH. Seriously that edit is awful. This is so powerful on it’s own without some shitty edited beat in the background. I think that beat takes away from the message that is in this song and the whole movie. Whoever did that radio edit should go sit in the corner and never make “music” again. Anyway, I’m still blown away by JLaw’s voice in this song. Even though she didn’t like doing it, I wish I could tell her how beautiful how voice is.

2. Blank Space – Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has blown me away with 1989. Like I’ve said, I swear she wrote this album at a time in my life when I needed it so incredibly bad. And Blank Space was the first song (after Shake it Off) that I absolutely loved. After I listened to her whole album for the first time, I had to go back to Blank Space. It’s the first song I go to when I want to listen to Taylor.

3. Heartstrings – Leighton Meester

Even though I don’t like that she gets high in this music video, I absolutely love this song. I love, love, love Leighton’s voice. I’ve heard her cover songs before but I’ve never heard the true absolute beauty that is her voice before. I’m so glad she put out her own album this year. Entitled is also a good song from her album.

4. Really Don’t Care – Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is a princess. This song is amazing and I love that she chose to film her video during LA Pride. I wish it had been Boston Pride but nonetheless it’s still awesome that she included the LGBT in her video.

5. Priscilla – Miranda Lambert

Nicolle Galyon-Clawson, Natalie Hemby and Jimmy Robbins wrote such a fantastic song for Miranda. I love the comparisons between Miranda & Blake and Priscilla & Elvis.

6. From the Backseat – Lucy Hale

Another hit by Nicolle Galyon-Clawson, Jimmy Robbins and this time Mike Daly. Lucy if you ever see this, if you ever do a music video for this song (AND YOU NEED TO) please have Nicolle, Rodney, Charlie and Ford in it! Because it won’t be fantastic if you don’t.

7. Secrets – Mary Lambert

Princess Mary! I cannot wait to hear her perform Secrets in May. Just as long as she doesn’t cancel again like she did at Boston Pride this year. God I love this song to death! It’s pretty much me to a T.

8. All About You – Hilary Duff

Praise jesus, queen Hilary is back! I have missed you so much Hilary! I cannot wait for her album to be released! Gonna try to be the first in line to buy her album.

9. I Adore U – Adore Delano

Yep that’s right, a drag queen is on my list. Damn straight. I absolutely adore Adore Delano. I wish she had won season six of Ru Paul’s Drag Race but come on, we all knew Bianca Del Rio was going to win. She’s flawless. But anyway, this is such a gut wrenching sad song but I love it.

10. All About That Bass – Meghan Trainor

Even though people have been fussy over this song, you can’t deny that it’s a good, catchy, sugary song. I support almost everyone that comes from MA (I know, I live in NH but MA is close to my heart too). It’s fantastic to have a song on the radio about loving your curves and to take no shit from someone who doesn’t like them.

Best Youtubes of 2014

1. Letters to Autumn (October 1, 2014 – October 31, 2014) by Carrie Hope Fletcher

If you don’t know who Carrie Hope Fletcher is, she is a singer, actress, theatre star and soon to be published author. Please, you HAVE to watch every single one. The actual “letters” are only about 45 seconds long with a 15 or so second recap. This is the most beautiful thing I have ever watched/listened to. I love that Carrie uses the same tone throughout every single LtA video. I love seeing a glimpse into Carrie’s life. Carrie has seriously become one of my favorite people on this planet.

2. Favorites of Giovanna Fletcher

If you don’t know who Giovanna Fletcher is, she’s a published author, actress, mother and wife. Gi’s new to being a youtuber but I love that she is! Like her sister-in-law, Gi has become one of my favorite people. I just love how real she is. How funny she is. How sweet she is. I love how in love she is with Tom and Tom with her. And I love seeing their baby son Buzz from time to time. He’s so adorable. I love the Fletchers so much.

3. Favorites of Hartbeat

This will be a combination between her two channels. The watermelon video of hers was the first video I ever saw. And I’m so glad it blew up on tumblr. Because I love Hartbeat so much. She’s so perfect. I can’t get enough! And I love how cute she is with her girlfriend.

4. Favorites of Jenna Marbles

If you want comedy, Jenna’s your girl. Well after Hartbeat that is. She’s been focusing more on stupid shit that might be funny to certain people. She has millions of followers, so the majority thinks she is. I just kinda miss the quotes we used to share on tumblr from her. The true life kinda quotes. But nonetheless she’s still hilarious.

It’s been a great year for entertainment (I know I don’t have much listed here) but I cannot wait to see what everyone is going to bring to the table for 2015!


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