A Return to WordPress

I’m so sorry that I abandoned this blog for the past several months. I went through a bad break up. It was only bad because I was an utter complete mess afterwards. I didn’t want to try to post anything on here were I might regret it afterwards. I try to keep this blog somewhat respectable and clean (compared to my tumblr where I let myself be free and open). Once I decided I was okay to post on wordpress again, I kinda wanted to wait until the new year. A fresh restart. But I wanted to do one last post of 2014. Give a small recap of what has happened the past few months and what I hope for in 2015.

I don’t want to talk too much about September and October because I pretty much spent all my time crying. Not gonna lie to you, I’m over emotional and take everything to heart. I cry way too much for an adult but I’m sick of being ashamed about that.

November and December. I think it was in the first few days into November when I began my obsession for Taylor Swift. We’ve had a complicated relationship for years. But I swear she wrote 1989 at a time in my life when I needed it the most. Blank Space is my jam. Bad Blood comes in a close second followed by Style, Shake it Off, and New Romantics. I love that she switched to pop. I’ve also become obsessed with Jennifer Lawrence. I finally watched The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay Part One. The day after Thanksgiving, my mom, sister and I got ridiculously sick. I don’t want to say what it was because if you google it, it gets a little tmi. Lol. We caught it from my dad’s mom. He didn’t catch it until two days later. Which was lucky for us because he was able to somewhat take care of us and then when we could, we took care of him. It was the worst thing we’ve ever been through. And please don’t think we’re joking. The worst of it was only for 24 hours but it took us 4-7 days to recover from. If you really want to know what we had, leave a comment. But it is tmi. So you’ve been warned. My only other highlight is that my dad, sister and I got to see the Stanley Cup again last night at the Manchester Monarchs game. That thing is so beautiful. It sucks that three times (my sister’s only seen it twice) we’ve seen it, we don’t get to actually look at it. Just a quick glance (if that). Maybe one day we’ll be able to at least have 5 minutes to look at it. Not too much to talk about. But I really have a boring life. And anything else that happened has just been family stuff that stays private.

I’m actually going to write down what I want my 2015 resolutions to be and hopefully I’ll stick to them. I’m making realistic resolutions. Ones I should be able to accomplish during 2015. Oh my god, I’m going to be 25 in 2015. I’ve already began my quarter life crisis months ago. o_O

2015 Resolutions

1: Read at least five books during 2015. I haven’t read too many books in my life. It’s not that I don’t like to read or don’t love books. I’m actually obsessed with collecting books and I love bookstores. But it is hard for me to concentrate long enough to read a book. I already have two books on my list I want to read in 2015. As soon as I get them that is. They’re from the author Giovanna Fletcher. She lives in the UK. Her first book I ordered from a place in the US but for whatever the reason, it might not get here until January 7th. I don’t understand why it’s taking almost three weeks to get here. It’s coming from Jersey.

2: Lose at least 50lbs. I know it’s a cliche to put weight loss on your list of resolutions. But I really do need to start losing weight. Not because my doctor wants me to. But so my body will stop constantly hurting. I shouldn’t be in so much pain as much as I am. And I know it’s because I’m overweight. I need to start walking more.

3. Start a food journal. This kind of scares me because I don’t want anyone to read it. I have terrible eating habits. But I need to break those habits. Maybe with writing it down, it will make me seriously realize that I need to change what I put into my body.

4. Continue journaling. I finally started a journal in November. I’ve wanted to journal all my life but I was always terrified that someone would find it, read it and see on the terrible that is in my head. But I finally decided it might be for the better if I journal. I remember my first entry. It was a pretty pissed off entry. I was pissed at my ex. But I’m glad I wrote that anger down. Although I’ve slowed way down writing in my journal, I think it’s helping me heal. I wish I could write in it daily but I feel like my life is so boring. I’d just be repeating constantly.

5. Dress up. Meaning…go crazy dressing up for Pride in June, cosplay for Comic Con in August (weather appropriate cosplay that is) and dress up for Halloween. I hate that I haven’t dressed up for anything since I was 12. It was mainly because of my complete lack of self confidence. I never wanted to look embarrassing in public. But I need to let go and do what I want in 2015.

6. Post more on WordPress. I’ve been thinking of taking the Writing 365 pdf that WordPress had put out for 2014 and do it for 2015.

I might add more to this list later on when I think of new things. Fingers crossed that they all get accomplished.

Here’s to a new year! Not gonna say “here’s to a new me!” but rather here’s hope to a less sad version of me! Come at me 2015!


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