Best of 2014

Yep that’s right. I’m doing my own “best of” lists. Mainly because the popular lists never have what I love in them. Hopefully if all goes well, I’ll be doing more lists like this. Well “top 10” lists that is. (Please check them all out. I know it’s a long length of lists but there is some really good stuff in here!)

Best Movies of 2014 (in order of my honest opinion)


Movies in 2014 I Wish I Had Seen


Best New TV Shows of 2014


I would just like to say, I’m still upset that Chelsea Handler and Craig Ferguson both ended their late night shows this year. I miss you both on my tv every night. But I’m excited for what James Corden is going to bring to The Late, Late Show!

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A Return to WordPress

I’m so sorry that I abandoned this blog for the past several months. I went through a bad break up. It was only bad because I was an utter complete mess afterwards. I didn’t want to try to post anything on here were I might regret it afterwards. I try to keep this blog somewhat respectable and clean (compared to my tumblr where I let myself be free and open). Once I decided I was okay to post on wordpress again, I kinda wanted to wait until the new year. A fresh restart. But I wanted to do one last post of 2014. Give a small recap of what has happened the past few months and what I hope for in 2015.

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