Friday Favorites (Aug 8)

Bloggers I Follow

  • I loved A Dash of Cinema’s post about The 8 Best Movie Kitchens. Everyone always talks about the acting in movies but nobody ever really talks about the sets of movies. I am in love with this blog! It brings together two of my favorite things, food and movies!


  • I love John Walker’s article bring back attention to some of my favorite Hilary Duff songs. Walker picked some amazing choices! Although he definitely needed Beat of My Heat & Play With Fire on there. I am so EXCITED that Hilary is back with new music! Even though Chasing the Sun isn’t my favorite track of hers, you best believe I jam out to it though. Queen Hilary for life! Welcome back darling!


  • Sorry not sorry for the swears in the post below. It’s the greatest thing I’ve seen on tumblr for a long time. Every hockey fan can relate to this…

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 12.12.38 AM

Social Media

  • Oh my god someone made a Modern L Word twitter account and I’m in love!

  • You have to watch Aoife Belle Foden tell her mom Una (member of The Saturdays) who everyone is on The Saturdays album cover. She is adorable! And I can’t get over how quickly she’s grown up. It seems like just yesterday Una was spamming us on Instagram with baby Aoife Belle.


  • I never did share that I finally found my name on a Diet Coke. I know Diet Coke isn’t good for you but I don’t like the taste of Coke. I also like that they did a tour this summer so for all those who can’t buy their name on a bottle can get their names on a can after visiting one of the tour spots.

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