I Suck, I Know

I’m so sorry I haven’t posted much this past weekend. I know I missed the daily posts for Friday and Sunday. I also missed Friday Favorites and I wanted to start Sunday Sweets & Smiles. But I’ve been pretty miserable all weekend. I’ve been suffering from canker sores. I know, sounds weird. But I have a handful of them right now that are just making me feel awful. I haven’t done much this weekend. I kinda just wanted to be left alone only so I wouldn’t have to talk. It hurts to talk sometimes (although I’d gladly suffer through that pain to talk to my girlfriend). I can’t laugh or smile because that hurts. And if you know me at all, you’ll know that I love to do both a lot.

Once I heal from these bastard cankers, I’m gonna try my hardest to change my diet. I need to stop eating acidic foods. I want to try the paleo diet but I don’t know if I can. Only because I don’t think we can get grass fed meat around here. But I’m going to do some research tomorrow.

I’ll try to answer tomorrow’s daily prompt and do a mixtape. Or just blog about music. Again I’m sorry for the lack of posts this weekend. I want to try to keep this a daily active blog.



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