I Just Never Get Anything Done Around Here

Today’s Postaday is….”We all procrastinate. Website, magazine, knitting project, TV show, something else — what’s your favorite procrastination destination?”

My favorite procrastination destination? Oh gosh, I have so many. But my top one would probably be tumblr. I can get so lost in all the posts when it’s humming with life. But this summer, tumblr has been a little dead so I haven’t been on too much or for too long at a time. But that will probably change by August 23rd when the new season of Doctor Who begins.

Other sites I can procrastinate with are Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube and even this site right here. I’ve only been on WordPress for 20 days but I love digging into this site. Seeing what people are writing about. I may not be that good at writing but I do love seeing what others’ have for stories.

It only happens once a year but after I got into the television show Orange is the New Black, I have to binge watch the whole season as quickly as I possibly can. Mainly because I don’t want to go onto any other social media site until I watch the whole season. And it’s kinda stressful not going on Facebook or Instagram. So unfortunately I don’t get anything done during the weekend that OITNB premiers because my eyes are glued to Netflix.

When I want to clean my room, I can’t listen to music. Because I’ll procrastinate and start either lip-syncing or dancing to the music. Okay it isn’t really much of dancing. But if Girls Aloud are playing, I have to do the few choreography moves that I know.

I can even procrastinate by talking with someone. I love to talk a lot but it’s usually with only a few people that I like to talk a lot to. It’s either my mom, my dad, my girlfriend or sometimes even my sister (if we’re not arguing).

Pretty much television and the internet are my big places where I end up procrastinating. Procrastination was my biggest enemy in school. It’s the reason why I never got the grades everyone wanted me to get. But I don’t regret procrastinating. I usually enjoy the time I spent procrastinating. Even if it leads to me being stressed out about getting something done, at least I was happy for that moment in time.



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