Seat Guru (July 13th)

I’ve finally found a Daily Post/Postaday post I’d like to take part in. If you don’t know what Postaday is, it’s a daily prompt given to all who follow The Daily Post. It’s a way for bloggers to be able to blog daily. Which I’m struggling with. Even though I tried coming up with daily theme posts, I’ve been struggling with doing those themes. So here I am trying today’s daily prompt…

“You get to plan a dinner party for 4-8 of your favorite writers/artists/musicians/other notable figures, whether dead or alive. Who do you seat next to whom in order to inspire the most fun evening?”


this would be at a round table

Nicola Roberts – Nicola is my favorite female singer so obviously I’d want her there. She might be a little shy at first. But I think she would have a ton of fun.
Me – I’d want to sit between my two favorite Brits.
Billie Piper – My Queen. She is so sweet and awesome. And she would be a riot with David and John.
David Tennant – My favorite actor. He’s so wise and probably would have a lot to talk about. Not to mention, a riot with John sitting next to him.
John Barrowman – Such a sweetheart and always has a lot to say.
Bianca Del Rio – We definitely need jokes and Bianca always has a looot to say (not today Satan).
Marilyn Monroe – I love my birthday twin. I just want to pick her mind. I think she was a whole lot brighter than everyone thought. I’d love to meet the 30 or 33 year old Monroe.
James Dean – Originally I wanted Fred Astaire (because I love him with Ginger) but I was afraid he probably wouldn’t like everyone at my table. So I went with my second favorite classic actor, James Dean. I want to know more about him. We didn’t get to find out too much about him seeing as how he passed away at age 24. I’d love to meet the 22 year old Dean.
Ginger Rogers – I love Ginger. She was such class. I just wanna hear about all her adventures. I’d want to meet the 26 year old Rogers.

The reason why I picked certain ages for the three people who have passed away because it’s just a specific time in their life I’d love to get to know. Marilyn & James both passed away when they were young. So I’d love to get to know them just before they passed away. Ginger was 83 years old when she passed away but I’d love to meet her just in the middle of her time with Fred.

It was extremely hard picking 8 people. I really wanted to include people who have passed away. But there are still so many people who are still alive who I’d love to have at a dinner party. But alas, I could only pick up to 8 people. So I went with my top choices.


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