Friday Favorites (Jul 11th)

Sorry that I didn’t post a Throwback Thursday yesterday. We were having internet problems. But I’m back with my favorites for friday!


  • Bob’s Burgers was nominated for Outstanding Animated Program for the Emmy’s. I’m so addicted to this show. Somehow I still need to watch the first half of the fourth season. But pretty much when I eat dinner, I’ll put BB on from Netflix. And any other time when I just want to listen to a show. Because I’ve watched the first three seasons like 10 times already.



  • Nominate your favorite femslash (non-canon) couple on AfterEllen. I’m still trying to figure out my pairings. But I love this idea because for once it’s a chance for someone else to win besides Bo & Lauren (Lost Girl). I love Bo & Lauren, I do. But I just wish someone else could win once in a while.


  • This could easily fit into “nerdom” seeing as how it’s has Doctor Who in it but it is a game, so it’s going in this section. Have you heard of the game “2048”? If not, you’re lucky. It’s one of the most difficult games I’ve ever played. But the version of the game I got addicted to was the Doctor Who version. You can play it here (instructions are on the website). Took me a couple of week to do it but you cannot believe how happy I was when I saw the Eleventh doctor.

People to Follow:

  • Humans of New York – My girlfriend got me into HONY and seriously this is the most brilliant project ever! You can follow them on tumblr (which is the link provided), on facebook and instagram. One day I hope to have enough money to buy the book. It’s only $30 at Barnes & Nobles but I just can’t afford to get it yet.


  • Mary Lambert and John Legend have me speechless with these two videos. One and two.

I know it isn’t too much for favorites this week. I didn’t get to work on this post the day before because of not having internet. But I promise to have a lot more next week!


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