Friday Favorites (Jul 4th)

For the past week since starting this blog, I’ve been trying to come up with different daily themes to be able to post every day. I was browsing all over google for different ideas. Then I decided to check out blogs on Word Press. I haven’t followed too many blogs yet. One of the ones I have followed is a friend from tumblr who I have been following for about four years. She kinda inspired me to try again with journal blogging. One of her weekly posts caught my eye and I instantly fell in love with the idea. So I messaged her and asked if I could steal her idea. Luckily she said yes! Please check out Jessica’s blog here. Follow her blog while you’re there. I promise you it’s amazing. I’ve been following her on tumblr for about four years and she’s just so quality.

So here are some of my favorite things for the week…



  • On Tuesday the National Hockey League opened Free Agency Day at 12pm. Usually it’s an emotional day for me but it wasn’t too bad for me. The Boston Bruins unfortunately let go a few players…Jarome Igina, Shawn Thornton, Chad Johnson and Andrej Meszaros. I’m absolutely heart broken about the thought of seeing Thorty in a Panthers jersey. The Los Angeles Kings resigned three free agents, let go Willie Mitchell and signed two players. We got forward David Van Der Gulik from the Colorado Avalanche and forward Adam Craknell from the St. Louis Blues.
  • Other notables at least for me are former Manchester Monarchs…Mike Cammalleri went to the New Jersey Devils (from the Calgary Flames), Mike Weaver is staying a Montreal Canadien for now (belch), Matt Moulson went back to the Buffalo Sabres (quite the year for him NY Islanders -> Buffalo Sabres -> Minnesota Wild -> Buffalo Sabres), Brian Boyle went to the Tampa Bay Lightning (from the NY Rangers) and Jason LaBarbera went to the Anaheim Ducks (from the Chicago Blackhawks).
  • To find out who else signed with a new team or got traded, click here. Sorry, I usually only keep up with my teams.



  • Ever since Miranda Lambert & Lucy Hale released their albums on the same day, I can’t stop listening to a few of their songs. One of the main reasons why I went out and bought physical copies of each cd is because of Nicolle Gaylon and Jimmy Robbins. I’m such a big fan of both of them and wanted to support them. I’ve just recently started following Nicolle’s writing journey but I’ve been a fan of Jimmy since 2009. They are so beyond talented. I am in love with Nicolle’s song “From the Backseat” on Lucy’s album. The ones on Miranda’s album that I love are, “Girls“, “Platinum“, “Priscilla” and “Automatic“. I love that Nicolle, Jimmy and Natalie Hemby references Miranda to Priscilla Presley. And that Blake Shelton is Miranda’s Elvis.

“Priscilla, Priscilla
How’d you get him to yourself?
Between the whistle calls and Southern dolls
It’s enough to put a home through hell
Priscilla, Priscilla
He’s always in high demand
How do you or don’t you get the love you want when everybody wants your man?
It’s a difficult thing being Queen to the King
And I feel ya



  • Real quick I just want to say that Netflix is bring MEAN GIRLS AND MADELINE to their site!! #sorrynotsorry I’m really excited about Madeline being on Netflix. That’s one of my favorite movies. I mean I had it on VHS. My sister and I pretty much broke the tape because we watched it so much.



  • Farmville 2: Country Escape. Yep I play this game. And a few other games on both my kindle and ipod. This one I play on my kindle mostly because I love playing on a bigger screen and my ipod doesn’t have ios7. So a lot of apps don’t like my ipod. I’m currently addicted to this game. Recently it got an update for the summer. Unfortunately game kept getting shut down and I had to hard shut down my kindle to get it to work. But it’s worth it. I’m so addicted to this game.

Beauty Products: 


  • Burt’s Bees Chap stick – This stuff is seriously my best friend. This is the only chap stick I try my hardest to use. Sometimes I’m all out and can’t get to the store so I have to use whatever is available at home. One time five years ago I had an allergic reaction to latex (I had no idea that I was allergic to it/or I just got a latex allergy) and my lips swelled up. Burt’s Bees was the ONLY thing that helped sooth the pain. I love that it has peppermint it in.
  • Kanka – It’s used for canker sores. I have a strong addiction to pretty much any/every food that has acid in it. My biggest problem is ketchup and barbecue sauce. I get cankers all the time. This stuff works great. Numbs the pain for a short time. My only warning is don’t use it too much.

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