Fixing My Blog

Even though I don’t think many have seen my blog yet seeing as how I only have 12 “hits” on my blog right now, I still want to post that I’ve made some edits to my blog. I’ve been moving somethings around and coming up with daily themes for posts. Here’s what I have for now…

  • Music/Mixtape/Music Video Monday
  • Tasty Tuesday
  • Wordless Wednesday
  • Throwback Thursday
  • Favorites for Friday
  • So Random Saturday
  • Social Media Sunday

I’ve taken out sports as a weekly post. It’s probably going to be hard for me to come up with different things to talk about when it comes to sports. But I will involve sports somewhere in my posts. Maybe involving them in my Favorites for Friday posts. Or just randomly throw a post up.

I’ve also dropped “Pinterest Tuesday” mainly because I wanted to stick the “same letter for the day” thing. And there isn’t a day in the week that starts with P. If I see something on Pinterest that I absolutely love, I’ll fit it in somewhere. Tasty Tuesday recipes are most likely going to come from Pinterest anyway. So I won’t have to worry about trying to search all over Pinterest for something.

Wordless Wednesday will feature a photo with no caption. I live for photos so I’m excited about this. I cannot wait to post my first Favorites for Friday.

I just really want to keep these daily themes because it will get me to blog more. And sometimes I can’t think of a specific topic for a post to be able to post daily, so themes help.

I really hope more people start reading my blog. But I guess at least this will be a journal for me to keep.


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