Throwback Thursday (Jun 26th)

Yesterday was the ten year anniversary of when The Notebook was released to theaters. Can you believe that? Ten years ago when Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling made magic on the big screen. I didn’t get watch it in theaters. Mainly because I don’t think I heard about it while it was theaters. Everyone made a big fuss about it afterwards, so I decided to rent it from out local grocery store. Yeah, I rented a movie from a store. That was before the internet really became popular. Before social media and before Netflix was a thing.

I thought it was good but it didn’t become one of my  favorite movies until after my mother’s parents passed away.  I think the way they spent so much time together as they aged, how Noah would read to Allie to get her to remember the life they shared, and the way they were together when they passed away really got to me after my grandparents passed away. That’s not exactly my grandparents story. But after they passed away, I found out that the longest time they spent away from each other was when my grandmother brought their youngest daughter, my aunt Karen to a swim meet in Florida for a week. Other than that, they never spent more than a day apart.

Okay, enough talking about my grandparents. This post is about The Notebook. I think what made this movie so great was the chemistry Rachel and Ryan had together. Even though they broke up a long time ago (and most of us will never ever be over that), at least they made this movie together and we got one of the greatest cinematic romances of the new millennium.

Below is the audition tape for Rachel. In my opinion (as it always been for her), she’s one incredibly talented actress.


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