A Little Introduction…

Hello, I’m Emily. It’s nice to meet you.

I’m trying once again to try to keep a journaling blog about my life. I tried it on Blogger back in 2009 but I think between not having much to say, thinking I wasn’t that cool, and being intimidated by what my friends were blogging about…I gave up. So here I am again trying to blog. I have a tumblr, but I rarely talk about my life on it. Mostly just reblog posts I like. I always feel like nobody cares about what I’m up to. My followers just want photo/photosets. And the reason why I’m not just journaling on tumblr is I kinda want this separate. I know most people don’t use tumblr as a journal.  Okay, enough rambling about tumblr.

So I’ve just realized I haven’t said much about myself except that my name is Emily and I have a tumblr. I’m 24 and from a small town in New Hampshire. I have an amazing girlfriend whom I love dearly. She’s my best friend. I’m a huge sports fan. Hockey always comes first. I’ll probably blog about the Manchester Monarchs (LA Kings minor team), the Boston Bruins and the 2014 STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS Los Angeles Kings once the season starts back up. Yes, I had to include the title of 2014 SCC into that sentence. 2 cups in 3 years yo. Usually during the summer I’m at a baseball field. We support so many different teams. Boston Red Sox (oh I might as well tell you this now, I’m dating a Yankees fan…no comments please…I love her), Pawtucket Red Sox (AAA team of Boston, we only make it there once in a blue moon), New Hampshire Fishercats (AA team of the Toronto Blue Jays), Lowell Spinners (A team of the Red Sox) and the Keene Swamp Bats (New England Collegiate Baseball). If you know the Red Sox teams you’ll notice I didn’t put the Portland Sea Dogs in there. We’ve never actually made it to Portland yet for one of their games. We do support them. We see them sometimes if they’re playing the Fishercats.

I’m kinda addicted to television. I usually watching sitcoms, talk shows, drama or crime shows. Thank you whoever created Netflix. I love binge watching shows (coughIwatchedOITNBS2in3dayscough). If you wanna know what I watch for television and movies, check out my Trackt. I try to update it every day. Sometimes I’ll update it 2-3 days after I watch something so it’s not always current. And I usually remember to check into a movie when I’m half way through it.

Other things you might see on my blog are posts about music,  my Pinterest finds, maybe some of my photos (I like to take photos of everything), just ramblings, ect. I kinda want to try to a theme day kind of posts. You know like “Music Monday” kinda thing. Hopefully I’ll post other things each day than just these but I wanna try to include theme posts daily. I’m thinking…

Sunday – Weekend Tv Roundup
Monday – Music/Mixtape/Music Video
Tuesday – Pinterest Find
Wednesday – What I’m Watching This Week
Thursday – Throwback (not specifically photos of myself like everyone does on Instagram)
Friday – Sports
Saturday – Photo Post

I am really hoping to keep up with this blog. It’s going to be completely random. I’ll probably ramble about nothing. And it won’t make any sense to anyone but myself. I’ll make spelling mistakes and I have poor grammar. Please don’t go grammar police on me. I try. But welcome to the ride that is my life.

– Emily


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