Music Video Monday

I’ve been waiting four days to be able to post….Demi Lovato’s “Really Don’t Care” music video!

I looove that Demi recorded this at LA’s Pride! She looks so amazing and I love her involving people in her video. I love that she thanked people at the end of the video. The only things I don’t like about it is she put Perez Hilton in it and had Cher Llyod on the track. I don’t really care for her and she was only on for like 15 seconds. Kinda pointless in my opinion. But oh well.

Now I won’t be able to get this song out of my head again seeing as how I rewatched this video again before posting it.


Fixing My Blog

Even though I don’t think many have seen my blog yet seeing as how I only have 12 “hits” on my blog right now, I still want to post that I’ve made some edits to my blog. I’ve been moving somethings around and coming up with daily themes for posts. Here’s what I have for now…

  • Music/Mixtape/Music Video Monday
  • Tasty Tuesday
  • Wordless Wednesday
  • Throwback Thursday
  • Favorites for Friday
  • So Random Saturday
  • Social Media Sunday

I’ve taken out sports as a weekly post. It’s probably going to be hard for me to come up with different things to talk about when it comes to sports. But I will involve sports somewhere in my posts. Maybe involving them in my Favorites for Friday posts. Or just randomly throw a post up.

I’ve also dropped “Pinterest Tuesday” mainly because I wanted to stick the “same letter for the day” thing. And there isn’t a day in the week that starts with P. If I see something on Pinterest that I absolutely love, I’ll fit it in somewhere. Tasty Tuesday recipes are most likely going to come from Pinterest anyway. So I won’t have to worry about trying to search all over Pinterest for something.

Wordless Wednesday will feature a photo with no caption. I live for photos so I’m excited about this. I cannot wait to post my first Favorites for Friday.

I just really want to keep these daily themes because it will get me to blog more. And sometimes I can’t think of a specific topic for a post to be able to post daily, so themes help.

I really hope more people start reading my blog. But I guess at least this will be a journal for me to keep.


Mixtape Monday (Jun 30th)

  • “Something New” by Girls Aloud
  • “Honey to the Bee” by Billie Piper
  • “Gold Forever” by The Wanted
  • “Work” by The Saturdays
  • “iF U C Kate” by McFly
  • “Heart Skips a Beat” by Olly Murs
  • “Who You Are” by Jessie J
  • “Wildest Moments” by Jessie Ware
  • “The Tide is High” by Billie Piper
  • “Wings” by Little Mix
  • “Heart Vacancy” by The Wanted
  • “The Boy Who Murdered Love” by Diana Vickers
  • “Lights” by Ellie Goulding
  • “Turning Tables” by Adele
  • “I’m Yours” by The Script
  • “Undercover Lover” by Kids in Glass Houses featuring Frankie Sandford (from The Sautrdays)
  • “Night of the Dancing Flame” by Roísín Murphy
  • “Beat of My Drum” by Nicola Roberts
  • “Problem” by Natalia Kills
  • “On the Metro” by Girls Aloud



TV Show Weekly Forecast (Week 1)

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 9.56.56 PM Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 9.58.10 PM

It highly annoys me that this is pretty much the only way to post a week of tv shows like this from Trakt. I’m in love with this site but it’s a bummer that I can screenshot the week better than this. And I can’t export it to try to put it on here. So sadly this is my only way of putting it on here. I even tried using another site (Episode Calendar) and I can’t embed the calendar onto here. At least I can’t figure out how. I just like having a visual display instead of a list.

It’s quite surprising this summer that I don’t have much to watch. To be honest, I don’t have too much more during the fall, winter and spring either. I don’t know if it’s my tastes in shows have gotten more critical over the years. I’ve tried to stop watching shitty shows. Or it could be that people in Hollywood have just given up on making quality shows. It could be a combination of the two.

Pretty much the only two shows I’m excited for this week are The Fosters and Wednesday’s Chelsea Lately. I’m not really a fan of Eric Bana and I love Susan Sarandon but I don’t know what she’s been up to lately. I’m still waiting for Switched at Birth to get exciting again. You could probably say I’m only watching it still just to have something to watch. And I’m only still watching Pretty Little Liars because I’ve put so much time into this show to just give up. But it’s not really that exciting so far this season. I don’t want to give away any spoilers incase you haven’t had to chance to turn into this season yet. But honestly, you’re not missing much.

I’m hoping they do something good when Callie meets her bio-dad (no spoilers since we all found out she has a different bio-dad than she originally thought). And I’m hoping they do something good with Lena’s pregnancy (and I’m not saying that they need to give her a miscarriage just to add drama, I’m sick of seeing that).

I’m quite sad that Chelsea Lately will be ending in August. I love her and the show. But I am excited about her doing stand up again (more than she’s doing now). I haven’t been able to catch her doing stand up yet and I’m so excited that Netflix picked her up. I’m just gonna miss a few of the round table guests and the celeb guests. I love how Chelsea will give them shit sometimes.

The only show that isn’t on my list that I am watching is Girl Meets World. It’s a Friday night show on Disney and seeing as how Friday is a holiday (Fourth of July), it’s not on this week. I’m giving this show a few episode trial run. I’m not sure if I like it. I LOVED Boy Meets World but I’m not a fan of the Disney Channel anymore. It’s the wrong kind of camp for me. Well it is a kids channel and I’m now 24. I don’t know, I think they took a wrong direction half way through Hannah Montana’s run. But that’s another discussion for another time.

I may hold off on “TV Show Weekly Forecast” for a while seeing as how there might not be much for me to talk about. If something good happens on one of my shows, I might post about it. But I’m thinking this theme won’t be back until late August when Doctor Who returns. I will probably have a lot to say then because my emotions have been going crazy since they announced the new doctor last year. I’m a little iffy on the new guy playing the doctor. He just doesn’t seem like he fits the role. Not to mention the show has kinda been going down hill since half way through season six. I’m in the club of “PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF HUMANITY BRING RUSSELL T DAVIES BACK!”

Oh btw if you have a trakt, follow me! My link is here.


Draft Day 2: Picks, Trades & Free Agency


Welcome the Draft Class of 2014 to the Los Angeles Kings. The Kings drafted 7 players today, 1 player yesterday. It’s a bittersweet happiness for me about these players getting drafted. A few might go back to their junior teams to better their skills before they move up to the AHL or NHL. A few might go straight to the AHL. Depends on what type of contract they sign. I highly doubt any of them will go straight to the NHL. It’s extremely difficult to go straight to the NHL right after you get drafted. Usually guys who get drafted and go straight to the NHL at at least Top Five guys.

But the reason why it’s a bittersweet happiness for me is that even if any of these play for the Kings AHL team the Manchester Monarchs, us Monarchs fans will most likely only get to see them for one season. Some of the teams on the west coast have been discussing for years about moving teams on the east to the west. And that time has finally come. The move could happen before the 2015-2016 season but we don’t know definitely just yet. Some of the AHL teams who could possibly move out west are Norfolk (Anaheim), Adirondack (Calgary), Lake Erie (Colorado), Oklahoma City (Edmonton), Portland (Phoenix), Worcester (San Jose), Utica (Vancouver) and….Manchester (Los Angeles).

I’m quite still upset about this even though we got the news two months ago. One because they’re my favorite team for ten years. I’ve put in a lot of love and support into this team. My tumblr hockey fans will know how I’m feeling (you eat, sleep, breathe with your team). And two, they’ve been telling fans (every time the rumors came up) that no the team wasn’t going to move. And now out of nowhere they’re being moved. Okay maybe not out of nowhere but we were always put at ease when the rumors always arose.

Okay, okay enough ramblings. I haven’t talked about my other NHL team, the Boston Bruins.

bos_g_david-pastrnak_mb_600x400 bos_g_donato01jr_576x324 surrey.vs.chilliwack.006 maxresdefault 007d13de59_IMG_6794


1 25 2014-25 BOS
2 26 2014-56 BOS
4 26 2014-116 BOS
5 26 2014-146 BOS
7 26 2014-206 BOS

(from the Boston Bruins website)

The Bruins drafted five players total during the two days. I’m quite excited about these draft picks. Hopefully I can go to Rookie camp next month. (fingers crossed because I’ve only been able to go to one camp). I’m quite surprised that the Bruins didn’t draft a goalie but with five picks, it was kinda difficult to decide what position we needed the most. I’m only surprised that the Bruins didn’t draft a goalie because it seems like the back up for Tuukka Rask is going to change every year. Seeing as how since Tuukka became a starting goalie, they don’t keep the same back up for him for long. Anton Khudobin was his back up for two years. Marty Turco was only for a few months in 2011-2012. But he retired soon after. Then after this current season ended, they didn’t resign Chad Johnson and are looking to have Niklas Svedberg as Tuukka’s back up. For now anyways (that could change during free agency). Which will be an experience seeing as how everyone still use the stereotype of Fins dislike Swedes and Swedes dislike Fins. But I think these guys will do okay together.

Interesting facts for the Bruins draft picks, David Pastrnak’s favorite player could one day be his teammate…David Krejci. That depends on if Pastrnak plays for Boston and if the Bruins keep Krejci. Because the rumor mill for the past 3 years have always stated that they should get rid of Krejci. I never believe the rumor mill because I swear it’s a bunch of people who don’t know what they’re talking about. Let’s get rid of one of our best players. I love when they say we should trade Krejci because that’s when he starts scoring like crazy. So keep it up rumor mill. Just please Peter Chiarelli, don’t actually listen to them.

Incase you didn’t know, the Bruins second draft pick Ryan Donato (56th overall) is the son of former Bruin Ted Donato who was drafted in 1987. I had no idea until I saw on instagram. He played before I got into hockey. And I just checked Ted out on Wikipedia, he even played for the Kings & Monarchs! What a small world!

Unfortunately I don’t have any interesting facts for the other three draftees. Sorry boys. For a full run down on every draftee for this year, you can check them out here at the NHL’s official website. I’d love to post them all but that would make this blog post really long. After all, 210 players were drafted.

Below are every player/pick trade that has happened since the beginning of June thanks to CBS Sports.

185th pick 200th pick
2015 seventh-round pick
189th pick 2015 sixth-round pick
G Edward Pasquale
159th pick
164th pick
192nd pick
2015 seventh-round pick
119th pick 140th pick
142nd pick
Brandon Bollig 83rd pick
Roman Polak Carl Gunnarson
94th overall pick
76th overall pick
Third-round pick in 2015
63rd overall pick
72nd overall pick
102nd overall pick
62nd overall pick
50th overall pick Linden Vey
51st overall pick in 2014
4th round pick in 2015
46th overall pick in 2014
44th and 74th overall picks 39th overall pick
28th overall pick 35th overall pick
57th overall pick
20th overall pick
179 overall pick
27th overall pick
62nd overall pick
F Patric Hornqvist
F Nick Spaling
F James Neal
D Jason Garrison
F Jeff Costello’s rights
2015 seventh-round pick
2014 second-round pick (No. 50 overall)
C Ryan Kesler F Nick Bonino
D Luca Sbisa
2014 first-round pick (24th overall)
2014 third-round pick (85th overall)
2014 third-round pick (85th overall from Anaheim) F Derek Dorsett
D Nikita Nikitin’s rights 2014 fifth-round pick
F R.J. Umberger
2015 fourth-round pick
F Scott Hartnell
D Dan Boyle’s rights 2014 fifth-round pick

I’m bummed out that I’ll no longer be seeing Linden Vey score goals at the Verizon Wireless Arena (Monarchs home arena). He’s a good kid and a pretty good scorer. I just don’t think he progressed as much as the Kings hoped for. I just wish he could have played in some games during playoffs with the Kings to get that experience. Best of luck with Vancouver/Utica. Hopefully you’ll get your name on the Stanely Cup one day.

Free agency begins on July 1st. I’m extremely nervous. I don’t know who are free agents from my teams. Who my teams will resign…who will sign with an opponent of whom I don’t like. I definitely don’t like not knowing these things. Thankfully the Kings already resigned Marion Gaborik, so that’s a sigh of relief. I really liked him during playoffs. The Kings definitely need a player like him. I really hope the Bruins can lock down Jarome Iginla. The Bruins definitely need to keep him and it would be insane not to resign him.

I’ll be back with what happens once free agency begins. Depending on what happens will decide on when I’ll make the next sports post. This is only going in the sports category, not Friday. Seeing as how it’s not Friday. Lol.



NHL Draft Day!

It’s Friday June 27th, 2014…aka NHL Draft Day! Or awkward draft photo day.

To be eligible for the draft…”Ice hockey players born between January 1, 1994, and September 15, 1996, are eligible for selection in the 2014 NHL Entry Draft. Additionally, un-drafted, non-North American players born in 1993 are eligible for the draft; and those players who were drafted in the 2012 NHL Entry Draft, but not signed by an NHL team and who were born after June 30, 1994, are also eligible to re-enter the draft.

Below are the top skater & goalie prospects who hope to be drafted either today or tomorrow. The draft is two days. The first day is the first round, the first 30 picks. The Florida Panthers have the first pick. Tomorrow will be rounds two through seven, 210 picks total. Here are the top prospects…

Ranking North American skaters[6] European skaters[7]
1 Canada Sam Bennett (C) Finland Kasperi Kapanen (C)
2 Canada Aaron Ekblad (D) Sweden William Nylander (C/RW)
3 Canada Sam Reinhart (C) Switzerland Kevin Fiala (LW)
4 Germany Leon Draisaitl (C) Czech Republic Jakub Vrana (LW/RW)
5 Canada Michael Dal Colle (C/LW) Czech Republic David Pastrnak (RW)
6 Canada Jake Virtanen (RW) Sweden Adrian Kempe (LW)
7 Canada Nick Ritchie (LW) Sweden Marcus Pettersson (D)
8 Canada Brendan Perlini (LW) Czech Republic Ondrej Kase (RW)
9 Canada Haydn Fleury (D) Sweden Sebastian Aho (D)
10 Canada Jared McCann (C) Czech Republic Dominik Masin (D)
Ranking North American goalies[8] European goalies[9]
1 United States Thatcher Demko Finland Ville Husso
2 Canada Mason McDonald Sweden Jonas Johansson
3 Canada Brent Moran Sweden Linus Soderstrom

Below are the top 30 picks….

# Player Nationality NHL Team College/Junior/Club Team
1 Aaron Ekblad (D) Canada Canada Florida Panthers Barrie Colts (OHL)
2 Sam Reinhart (C) Canada Canada Buffalo Sabres Kootenay Ice (WHL)
3 Leon Draisaitl (C) Germany Germany Edmonton Oilers Prince Albert Raiders (WHL)
4 Sam Bennett (C) Canada Canada Calgary Flames Kingston Frontenacs (OHL)
5 Michael Dal Colle (C/LW) Canada Canada New York Islanders Oshawa Generals (OHL)
6 Jake Virtanen (RW) Canada Canada Vancouver Canucks Calgary Hitmen (WHL)
7 Haydn Fleury (D) Canada Canada Carolina Hurricanes Red Deer Rebels (WHL)
8 William Nylander (C/LW) Sweden Sweden Toronto Maple Leafs Modo Hockey (SHL)
9 Nikolaj Ehlers (LW) Denmark Denmark Winnipeg Jets Halifax Mooseheads (QMJHL)
10 Nick Ritchie (LW) Canada Canada Anaheim Ducks (from Ottawa)1 Peterborough Petes (OHL)
11 Kevin Fiala (C/RW) Switzerland Switzerland Nashville Predators HV71 (SHL)
12 Brendan Perlini (LW) Canada Canada Arizona Coyotes Niagara IceDogs (OHL)
13 Jakub Vrana (LW/RW) Czech Republic Czech Republic Washington Capitals Linköpings HC (SHL)
14 Julius Honka (D) Finland Finland Dallas Stars Swift Current Broncos (WHL)
15 Dylan Larkin (C) United States United States Detroit Red Wings USA U-18 (USHL)
16 Sonny Milano (LW) United States United States Columbus Blue Jackets USA U-18 (USHL)
17 Travis Sanheim (D) Canada Canada Philadelphia Flyers Calgary Hitmen (WHL)
18 Alex Tuch (RW) United States United States Minnesota Wild USA U-18 (USHL)
19 Anthony DeAngelo (D) United States United States Tampa Bay Lightning Sarnia Sting (OHL)
20 Nick Schmaltz (C) United States United States Chicago Blackhawks (from San Jose)2 Green Bay Gamblers (USHL)
21 Robby Fabbri (C) Canada Canada St. Louis Blues Guelph Storm (OHL)
22 Kasperi Kapanen (C) Finland Finland Pittsburgh Penguins KalPa (SM-liiga)
23 Conner Bleackley (C) Canada Canada Colorado Avalanche Red Deer Rebels (WHL)
24 Jared McCann (C) Canada Canada Vancouver Canucks (from Anaheim)3 Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds (OHL)
25 David Pastrnak (RW) Czech Republic Czech Republic Boston Bruins Sodertalje (Sweden-2)
26 Nikita Scherbak (LW) Russia Russia Montreal Canadiens Saskatoon Blades (WHL)
27 Nikolay Goldobin (LW) Russia Russia San Jose Sharks (from Chicago)4 Sarnia Sting (OHL)
28 Joshua Ho-Sang (C) Canada Canada New York Islanders (from NY Rangers via Tampa Bay)5 Windsor Spitfires (OHL)
29 Adrian Kempe Sweden Sweden Los Angeles Kings MODO (SHL)
30 John Quenneville (C) Canada Canada New Jersey Devils6 Brandon Wheat Kings (WHL)

I will fill this in as the picks are chosen. So this post will be edited a few times before the end of the night. Because the draft is two days, “Sports Friday” will carry over into tomorrow when I will make a “Draft Day Two” post. Don’t worry, I will also do “Photo Saturday” post tomorrow too.

As a Bruins and Kings fan, I hope they draft some really good players! Unfortunately they have the 25th and 29th pick but at least the have first round picks. It’s awful when you don’t get a first round pick. The Bruins have 6 picks total (one every round except round six) and the Kings have nine picks total (two in the last two rounds).

Those top 30 picks above and every pick afterwards are subject to change. Every team usually trade picks for other picks or current NHL players (or minor league players) throughout the entire draft process.

I’m quite excited about keeping track of this year’s draft. I’ve never blogged about sports before. At least not in this manner. Just as a crazy sports fan on tumblr.

Player Trade Section:

  • Canucks trade center Ryan Kesler to Anaheim Ducks for for forward Nick Bonino, defenseman Luca Sbisa and the 24th overall pick in the 2014 NHL draft. Read more here.
  • Penguins trade James Neal to Predators for Patric Hornqvist and Nick Spaling. Read more here.

 Day one of the 2014 NHL draft has officially come to a close.


Throwback Thursday (Jun 26th)

Yesterday was the ten year anniversary of when The Notebook was released to theaters. Can you believe that? Ten years ago when Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling made magic on the big screen. I didn’t get watch it in theaters. Mainly because I don’t think I heard about it while it was theaters. Everyone made a big fuss about it afterwards, so I decided to rent it from out local grocery store. Yeah, I rented a movie from a store. That was before the internet really became popular. Before social media and before Netflix was a thing.

I thought it was good but it didn’t become one of my  favorite movies until after my mother’s parents passed away.  I think the way they spent so much time together as they aged, how Noah would read to Allie to get her to remember the life they shared, and the way they were together when they passed away really got to me after my grandparents passed away. That’s not exactly my grandparents story. But after they passed away, I found out that the longest time they spent away from each other was when my grandmother brought their youngest daughter, my aunt Karen to a swim meet in Florida for a week. Other than that, they never spent more than a day apart.

Okay, enough talking about my grandparents. This post is about The Notebook. I think what made this movie so great was the chemistry Rachel and Ryan had together. Even though they broke up a long time ago (and most of us will never ever be over that), at least they made this movie together and we got one of the greatest cinematic romances of the new millennium.

Below is the audition tape for Rachel. In my opinion (as it always been for her), she’s one incredibly talented actress.